Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Jungl: Pay What You Want and Give to Charity

The Jungl is a different payment platform that enables websites to double their monthly revenue and users to support their favorite websites and charities at the same time. The Jungl lets users pay whatever they want in exchange for access to exclusive content. In addition, half of the amount they decide to spend goes to their chosen charities.

While this payment model may seem counterintuitive, independent research at UC Berkeley has shown that letting people pay what they want, combined with a charitable element, generates more than two times the revenue of fixed pricing schemes. When people donate half of their money to charity, they tend to spend more than they would normally, with some even spending five times more.

The Jungl and its partner websites believe in social responsibility and recognize the value of charity in society, thus encouraging donations by rewarding users. The Jungl is a service of Oriku, Inc., a technology company based in Dallas, Texas.

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