Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Qualcomm Inc.: Inspiring Technology, Connecting Lives

One of the semiconductor companies headquartered in San Diego, California is Qualcomm Incorporated. The business was founded in 1985 and is one of the companies that supply technology for the wireless telecommunications markets. The company is a component of the S&P 500 and the Russell 3000 Indices and is traded publicly on the NASDAQ. Common stocks are marketed under the ticker symbol QCOM.

This American venture has global operations and maintains 157 worldwide locations. It has several subsidiaries operating under its brand name. Its research and development operations are currently being handled by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The company is powered by scientists, engineers and business analysts who are committed to making a difference in the lives we lead. In this digital age, wherein we are hooked with the latest technology, Qualcomm continues to touch our lives by innovating mobile technology.

The latest technology in Smartphones, in navigation systems and in several other wireless telecommunications is the expertise of Qualcomm. The scientific breakthroughs and innovative technologies that are created by the business continues to power the latest consumer electronics around the world. From the innovation of the CDMA in 1989 to the latest technology in LTE, the company has made an impression in the mobile industry. The creation of the 3G phones is mostly based on the patents owned by Qualcomm. Until today, the business continues to generate royalties from these patents that have also caused some litigations in the markets for patent-related complaints. The operations of Qualcomm are multi-billion in scope and operations. Other than the technology patents it has created, the company attributes its growth to the strategic acquisitions it has made through the years. Several companies have been acquired by the business, the latest of which is CSR PLC, which was completed in October 2014. During its 2013 fiscal year, Qualcomm generated more than $24.87 billion in revenue.

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  1. Those stakeholders that have invested in Qualcomm stock are in a state of distress. These investors believe that soon industry giants like Apple and Samsung will move to their own baseband processors