Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Container Store: Keeping Things Organized

It is always easier to organize things if containers are readily available. In the United States, one of the specialty retailers that offer products for organizing, storing and keeping things tidy is The Container Store. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has been around since 1978. Registered as a specialty retail chain company, the business carries several products that are used in various workspaces.

The offerings of The Container Store are categorized, depending on its usage. They have products for laundry, trash, shelving, home office, travel, storage, closet, kitchen and bath. The majority of these products are not manufactured by the company, although they have their own line of branded items. When it purchased elfa International in 1999, the company has grown their portfolio of shelving and storage units. elfa is a Swedish company that continues to operate as a separate entity under The Container Store.

Currently, the company has over 60 locations across the country. It continues to receive its supplies of products from elfa and from other brand names. Since its creation in 1978, the company has remained profitable. It continues to see an annual 20% growth year after year. It also trades publicly on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol TCS. Since 2007, the majority of the shares of the company is now owned by investment firm Leonard Green & Partners. Through their e-commerce site, they are able to cater to a wider consumer base and ship their products across the globe.

In a busy world, where chaos remains to be one of the challenges of every individual, The Container Store serves as a source of multi-functional, customizable and creative organization and storage solutions. Through the years, it has helped their customers, organize their space, improve their lives and even help them save time.

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