Friday, April 17, 2015

Akers Biosciences, Inc.: Diagnostic Testing Made Faste and Cheaper

The tests and sample preparation devices that are marketed by Akers Biosciences are as accurate as traditional laboratory testing methods. In addition to the accuracy of test results, the company also offers these products and services at a much lower price while testing processes are also shortened.

The rapid diagnostic materials offered by Akers Biosciences can potentially help save millions of lives during outbreaks. These testing solutions can easily be deployed for mass screenings. The accuracy of detecting cardiac conditions, metabolic markers and infectious diseases is maintained at a very high level as the company continues to work on innovating their offerings. Some of its products include alcohol detection devices, for diabetic monitoring and for diagnosis of Alzheimers and senile dementia.

It was in 1989 that the company started its operations. Its corporate headquarters is now located in Thorofare, New Jersey. The products offered by the company are not only marketed across the United States as these innovations have already penetrated the international markets.

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