Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cree: Leading the LED Way: Leading the LED Way

With the cost of consuming electricity on the rise and the effects of global warming being felt all over the world, people have been looking for ways to conserve energy without having to give up any of the conveniences of the modern world. One such way is the use of LED as a light source which is much more energy efficient than other lighting technologies available in the market today. One of the leading companies in the United States when it comes to LED lighting is Cree.

Cree began as a company that produced chips and other high tech components for LED-based products. Founded in 1987, Cree has been supplying some of the world’s leading companies with the parts they manufacture. The LED components they manufacture such as the XLamp were used in lighting fixtures, outdoor displays, and decorative lighting products. It wasn’t until a few years ago that the company decided to create more than just the parts. They wanted to create their own design for an LED light bulb. In order to do this without alerting the competition, Cree selected a handful of people to work on the design in a secret research facility. Once the product was created, it quickly won over not just the retailers that sell LED lighting fixtures such as Home Depot, but it also gathered a huge consumer following.

Today, the consumer grade light bulbs produced by Cree are the top selling light bulbs in the United States. The next step for the company is to take the same technology and find a way to apply it to industrial settings that are still pretty much behind in terms of energy conservation. When the consumer and industrial markets are ready to transition from incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, Cree will be there to cater to their needs.

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