Friday, November 6, 2015

Cellectis: Fighting Cancer With Engineered T Cells

Cancer affects millions of people worldwide but with the pioneering work of the likes of Cellectis, hope for effective anti-cancer therapies is on the horizon. Cellectis, founded in 1999, is at the forefront of gene-editing as used in the development of a new generation of anti-cancer treatments. Basically, the immunotherapies are based on gene edited engineered CAR-T cells, or UCART, which Cellectis has developed in the past 15 years as part of its genome engineering expertise.

Cellectis takes pride in its range of TALEN products and meganucleases, its flagship technology, as well as its electroporation PulseAgile technology, both of which are used in the creation of its pioneering immunotherapies. With its CAR technologies, the NYSE-listed (ALCLS) and Nasdaq Global Market-listed (CCLS) company works toward creating innovative products in multiple fields and target markets.

Calyxt, Inc. is one of the subsidiaries of Cellectis. Founded in 2010, Calyxt, Inc. has created a platform designed for the food and agriculture industries; the platform improves the quality and quantity of crops.

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