Friday, November 13, 2015

World Airways: What Could Have Been

Many airlines had the potential to go global but were unable to take off to such great heights of success. One such airline is World Airways, Inc., an American airline formerly headquartered in Peachtree City in the Greater Atlanta area of the State of Georgia. During its operations, it mostly focused on non-scheduled services.

Founded in 1948 by Benjamin Pepper, the company was first based on the ex-Pan American World Airways Boeing 314 flying boats. In 1950, Edward Daly bought the airline for $50,000 and then purchased DC-4s that were used upon the company’s 1951 acquisition of its first government contract. Most of its businesses were with the military including being one of the US military’s key contractors during the Vietnam War as well as during the Persian Gulf War and the military passenger trunk route between military bases in Asia and Los Angeles, California.

Corporate troubles including financial management led to its immediate cessation of all operations on 27 March 2014.

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