Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CitiHope International: Working Toward Putting a Healthy Life Within Reach

Founded as the CitiHope Radio Ministry in 1985, CitiHope International works toward putting a healthy and happy life within reach of everyone. The non-profit organization achieves its mission through programs and projects designed to promote good health, prevent diseases, and provide treatments to several underserved populations worldwide. Its strategies involve focusing its wide range of resources on a few selected areas across the world with the aim of making a world of difference for good.

CitiHope International is known for its commitment to upholding the values of integrity, stewardship, and compassion in all of its dealings from soliciting donations to distributing assistance. Its dedicated men and women exemplify these values through their concrete actions.

As the CitiHope Radio Ministry, the non-profit Christian organization aired its ministry on a daily basis in New York City, a vital connection between the urban ministries in the city and their donors. Even then, it was an active presence in the fight against homelessness, hunger, and neglect through several programs and projects including Boxes of Love for families, Easter Bags for children, and Homeless Comfort Kits for the homeless.

Today, CitiHope International continues its urban ministries albeit on a worldwide scale. It is one of most trusted charitable organizations in the United States, thanks partly to its effective, efficient and responsive programs and projects, many of which have been models for other similar organizations.

CitiHope has several advantages, which pushes its agenda, over other similar organizations including:
  • Advances needs assessment wherein regional team members including medical staff make personal visits to each prospective health institution, such as hospitals, targeted for partnership in medical relief.
  • In-country infrastructure wherein the organization either maintains regional offices or established partnerships with reputable local non-government organizations in countries where it works.
  • Approval from the ministry of health and its instrumentalities including state pharmaceutical committees.
CitiHope is also known for its protocol education, hands-on approach, and post-delivery feedback, among other mechanisms.

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