Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steven Wolt Brings Unique Business Philosophy to Executive Role at ParqAdvisors

A dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with more than 17 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Steven Wolt serves as a trusted advisor to corporate and high net-worth clients. In his position as an Executive for ParqAdvisors in Beverly Hills, California, Mr. Wolt identifies long-term financial planning strategies for businesses, corporate senior managers and directors, and individuals who want thorough, exacting arrangements for their assets. Clients turn to Steven Wolt for advice because of his highly personalized approach to handling their assets and designing their wealth management tactics.

Planning for the future requires in-depth scrutiny of a client’s financial status, long-range expectations for health and wealth, and anticipated expenses later in life. In addition, many people prefer to allocate or outline bequests or trusts to their heirs before their death; such decisions made early provide the best possible information about exactly what each party will receive and sometimes reveal additional funding that could be used to support a favorite charity or new trust.

Corporate executives often make determinations on how to disburse or distribute stocks and other company holdings; these choices may be made as a group with investment colleagues or other shareholders to protect their combined interests. Business owners safeguard their assets and the value of their company with life insurance plans that purchase their partners’ shares in the event of the death of one or more partners. Such measures eliminate the possibility that an heir with no stake in the business might sell the interest or try to draw a salary that the company cannot sustain.

His long tenure in the industry, as well as his reputation for developing sound, customized solutions for clients, gives Steven Wolt insight about innovations he could employ to advance the goals of those who rely on his counsel. His vision for ParqAdvisors includes uncompromising service, high-quality insurance products, informed investment advice, and ongoing monitoring of new opportunities and assessment of existing portfolios. Steven Wolt’s clientele at ParqAdvisors includes a family with major real estate connections in New York and California, a well-known New York hospital, prestigious national law firms, and professional athletes and entertainers.

A noted lecturer on the subjects of financial planning and insurance, Steven Wolt also oversees marketing operations for ParqAdvisors and is working toward earning the designation of Charter Life Underwriter.

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