Thursday, February 9, 2012

PJP Health Agency’s Customer Service Protocol

PJP Health Agency maintains a staff of approximately 100 customer service representatives, each of whom takes pride in providing fair and impartial advice, finding appropriate plans that serve the best interests of customers.

The firm’s highly trained professionals employ a streamlined and Internet-driven approach, allowing them to efficiently source from among 50 health insurance provider partners nationwide. The consumer-friendly model ensures that only the most affordable, quality plans are selected as options.

Transparency is key to PJP Health Agency’s customer service approach, with a diversity of informational resources readily available online. Representatives take the time to communicate directly with health care seekers, providing them with the tools they need to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Unfortunately, many people only consider the benefits of employing a reputable firm to navigate the complex health care market after a medical crisis emerges. In the aftermath of a personal injury or illness (or the diagnosis of a loved one), they frantically contact their insurance company, hoping to receive a straightforward and supportive response. Instead, they are met with a litany of health care restrictions and rules limiting covered procedures. PJP Health Agency representatives work to prevent such a situation from occurring, targeting plans that optimally meet the consumer’s budget and health care requirements.

One customer writes of having benefitted from the firm’s customer service protocol. A dedicated agent helped to guide her through the health coverage selection process. She notes that while she had joined various health care plans before, she had never had the benefit of a professional voice ready to answer questions about various options on the table. Another customer lauds his referral by PJP Health Agency to Prescription Hope, noting that the firm helped to facilitate an immediate MRI procedure, which the insurance company initially stated would take over a month to process and approve. 

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