Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Pothole Season and the Battle is On!

Toronto-based multi-disciplinary agency Taxi has declared war on potholes with Pothole Season! Any concerned citizen can use the app and website to report potholes to local government offices while helping their community at the same time. Pothole Season turns what would be a pretty boring task into a fun game – users can challenge their friends to see who can find the most road cavities as well as take a shot at earning the title of the season's best pothole hunter. 

In addition, the Pothole Season app alerts drivers of any nearby potholes and automatically tracks those that they hit. The app and website employ Google Maps to let users tag those pesky craters.

Recently, Taxi pulled off a PR stunt to showcase Pothole Season to the public. The agency planted a red sedan nose-first at 45 degrees into a road in Montreal and surrounded it with caution tape and traffic cones. The stunt was a success, and over 5,900 potholes have been reported so far – and counting.

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