Thursday, November 29, 2012

ESPN: Sports Entertainment In the Digital Age

A multinational sports entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of assets, ESPN, Inc. launched more than 30 years ago and continues to expand its television, audio, publishing, online, and wireless interests on a global scale. Owned by primary stakeholder ABC, Inc. in partnership with The Hearst Corporation, ESPN maintains eight cable networks in the United States, five of which function on a high-definition simulcast platform. The enterprise’s 48 international networks reach audiences on every continent in tandem with the periodicals and books released in constant stream by a thriving publishing arm. Moreover, ESPN Radio and its Spanish language equivalent ESPN Deportes Radio are currently syndicated in 11 countries around the world and present 9,000 hours of sports-related talk on an annual basis. 

ESPN’s unmatched event coverage has long set an industry standard thanks to the leadership of Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of Event Production Jed Drake. Drake’s influence at ESPN can be seen in nearly all of the network’s major broadcast properties including Major League Baseball, Monday Night Football, NASCAR, FIFA World Cup soccer, Grand Slam tennis, and golf, among others. A network veteran who holds 30-plus years of experience in his field, Jed Drake works in close collaboration with the company’s executive team to ensure that all future event programming endeavors are implemented boldly and strategically, thus surpassing viewer expectations in a time when competition is fierce and innovation occurs rapidly.   

Online specific sites such as and are extremely valuable facets of the corporation’s business holdings as well and provide consumers a wide array of sport-specific content designed for ultimate niche demographic appeal. Dominant in wireless market segments thanks to a number of pioneering initiatives undertaken in recent years, ESPN Mobile Properties offers users access to scores, headlines, video highlights, and more through a seamlessly integrated digital network on the cutting edge of wireless technology. Further information about Jed Drake and ESPN can be found at

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