Monday, November 5, 2012

PlayTell Lets Families Play Together Even When They're Apart

On their weekly “Skype dates,” Semira Rahemtulla and her nephew would try to read together by holding the book up to the camera. Doing so wasn't as easy as reading with each other in person, so Rahemtulla decided to create an app that would let families read and play together while in a video chat. Earlier this year, she and Jason DePerro founded PlayTell, a San Francisco-based startup that aims to help families get more quality time together and connect on a deeper level through technology.

Currently available on the iPad only, the PlayTell app combines video chat with a “playspace” where families can read an ebook or play a video game together. Rahemtulla says PlayTell is useful for grandparents (more than 50 percent live far away from their grandchildren), parents who travel a lot for work, military families, divorcees, and parents who are trying to adopt. Further down the line, PlayTell may expand to the education field and target teachers and tutors as well.

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