Monday, November 12, 2012

Get Off Your Butt With LifeKraze

Dubbed a “Twitter with heart and high-fives” by The Next Web, LifeKraze is an iOS and web app that helps people live a more active life. Founded by three friends who played soccer in college, it asks, “What have you done?” instead of, “What are you doing?” Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LifeKraze focuses on individual, real world actions that make a difference. As team member Jonathan Yagel put it, “We're making the move from sharing experiences to facilitating action.”

Founders Michael Brooks Jr., David Nielson, and Ben Wagner started the Chattanooga-based company right after graduation to give people access to the benefits of teams. As a LifeKraze user, you're encouraged to share your accomplishments, whether big or small, in 160 characters or less, as well as give away 300 daily points to other people who post their achievements. You can award up to 50 points for each accomplishment, depending on how much you were impressed by it. The points you earn on LifeKraze can then be turned into rewards from brands such as prAna and The North Face. You can also use your points to make donations to non-profits.

According to fans, the best part about LifeKraze is the positive community. Users motivate each other with high fives and encouraging comments, and it is this support that keeps them coming back. A lot of users find that they are able to share things on LifeKraze that they wouldn't feel comfortable sharing on other social networks, where people would just laugh at or get annoyed with them. Users have praised LifeKraze for being a unique social network that uplifts the spirit, focuses on positivity, and doesn't have any of the drama found on other sites.

“People are looking for encouragement and we're proud to a place where they can consistently find it,” says Yagel.

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