Sunday, March 3, 2013

Edicy Simplifies the Web Building Process

Based in Estonia, Edicy is the “simplest web creation tool” that lets anybody make a professional-looking website in a few minutes, even without coding or design know-how. The service is the brainchild of the team at web and design agency Fraktal, who originally wanted to reduce the amount of repetitive tasks in their work. Tõnu Runnel, co-founder and CEO of Edicy, explains that instead of installing a server for each client, they decided to bring them all onto a single, unified platform. They then realized that the tool didn't have to be reserved only for their high-profile clients; it could also be used by anyone who wanted their own website. Thus, Runnel and company added some design templates, made the pricing more affordable, and Edicy was born.

Incredibly easy to use, Edicy allows anyone to “design like a pro” and “forget the tech”. All the editing happens live on the page, and you can drag and drop almost anything onto your website, including text, photos, and forms. You don't even need an editing program for your images, as you can crop, rotate, and scale photos directly on Edicy. Additionally, you can build feedback forms, present your website in different languages, and create password-protected pages. Free accounts get a address, but you can easily buy or import your own domains. Once your website is up and running, you can check out your stats and see how many visits you're getting and from where.

Edicy isn't just for newbies and the tech-clumsy, though. Designers and developers can take advantage of the service to create and host fully customized websites and product catalogs. And because the Edicy team handles all the system updates and fixes, no system maintenance is needed.

To date, nearly 330,000 websites in 150 countries have been built with Edicy.

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