Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inovus: Innovative Solar Street Lighting

Founded in 2007, Inovus delivers world-class, outdoor solar lighting solutions. Not much has changed in outdoor and area lighting since the early 1900s, and traditional street lighting is expensive to operate and maintain yet provides relatively poor light quality. Current street lighting also releases billions of tons of greenhouse gases each year. Moreover, the cost to establish the infrastructure to support traditional outdoor lighting in remote and developing markets is very high. Inovus aims to address all these issues with a new generation of innovative products.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Inovus offers solar street lighting that are well-designed in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. Economically and environmentally superior to traditional street and area lighting technologies, the company's products combine solar energy generation and LED light fixtures to create extremely efficient, truly net-zero lighting systems. All Inovus systems feature a unique pole design that provides the lowest operating costs in the industry. A thin, flexible solar collector wraps around the pole, creating a self-cleaning design that eliminates wind and snow loading. Additionally, all components are contained in a secure compartment within the base of the pole, resulting in easier installation, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced safety. 

Inovus seeks to use creative technology solutions and business models to significantly improve the economic and environmental impact of street and area lighting. Inovus currently has installations across the United States and in other countries such as Brazil, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. In the US, the company's products can be found lighting up the cities of Boise, Louisville, Atlanta, Henderson, Boaz, San Francisco, Tucson, and more. Establishments that are reducing their carbon footprint and operating costs through Inovus solar street lighting include the University of Texas, West Los Angeles Community College, Fresno Air National Guard Base, various Army Reserve Centers, and WinCo Foods.

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    The Energy saving solar street lighting system is a self-sufficient, independent lighting system that eliminates the need to construct buried electrical supply trunks that are typical in conventional street lighting systems. It provides night illumination and security for places too costly to set up cabled lightings.