Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learn from an Expert, One-to-One, on PopExpert

There's a new startup that promises to help you get better at life, work, and play. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, PopExpert is an online learning marketplace that makes it easy for students to find experts in whatever they want to learn and learn from them over live, one-to-one video. Whether it's nutrition, meditation, music, or language, PopExpert has more than 1,000 experts who are ready to teach a wide gamut of topics. Search for an expert by subject, price, and availability, and schedule a session at the most convenient time for you. PopExpert also handles the payment process, taking a small cut from every transaction.

According to founder and CEO Ingrid Sanders, “We are focused on areas that relate more to EQ development than IQ development, for example meditation vs. Excel training and personalized style vs. photography techniques.” This calls for one-to-one personalized interaction with an expert, which is “by far the most efficient” method.

PopExpert is currently available by invitation, which can be requested on the startup's website.

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