Monday, May 13, 2013

Singspiel Seeks to Make Music Practice More Fun

Founded in 2012 by University of Waterloo alums Arian Rahbari and Ivan Cheung, Singspiel is a learning platform and tablet app for beginning music students. An avid musician himself, Cheung has seen how many people who pick up an instrument end up quitting within a short period. Singspiel aims to change this by turning the typically tedious activity of music practice into a more fun and engaging experience.

After signing up for a free trial, users can select a song to play from Singspiel's music library. Real-time feedback is provided on every note played, so musicians know right away if and where they made mistakes. Singspiel records every performance and scores every attempt, enabling users to learn from their mistakes, track their progress, and share their performance with others. Singspiel also has a social networking feature that connects users who play the same songs. The platform uses standard music notation and supports piano, guitar, violin, and voice.

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