Monday, May 27, 2013

Olapic Puts Customer Product Photos on Brands' Websites

Founded in 2010 by a group of engineers who met at Columbia Business School, Olapic is a social photo crowdsourcing service that allows e-tailers, brands, and publishers to put customer photos on their site. People post photos of products they're using on social networks all the time; however, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram aren't the best places to share such content, as friends and family don't always have the same interests or brand preferences. This is where Olapic comes in – rather than being ignored on social networks, user-generated product photos have a chance to shine on the business's website.

Brands define hashtags and ask customers to send in their photos. Olapic automatically collects the photos from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and its algorithms help brands curate large amounts of submissions. Businesses have full control over what appears on their site and can see how effective their photo-sharing strategy is via Olapic's analytics dashboard.

Companies that use Olapic include Nasty Gal, Threadless, and Design Within Reach.

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