Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Save Your Child's Artwork on the Cloud With Artkive

Your kid's artwork. So precious yet cluttering at the same time. What's a parent to do? Throw the artwork in the trash and feel bad about it? Or keep everything... but where? Fortunately, there's now an app for that. An easy and tidy way to save and enjoy your child's artwork, Artkive lets you store your kid's masterpieces in the cloud and even turn them into a printed book and other products. Artkive was created by Jedd Gold, who was inspired to build the app after seeing the inconvenience his wife went through trying to save their children's artwork – she would take pictures of everything, transfer them to her computer, and then upload them to a photo website. But by that time she wouldn't remember who made what or when, resulting in a different but equally frustrating mess. Gold thought there had to be an app for the problem. But there wasn't, so he whipped one up.

Artkive lets you tag photos of your child's artwork with their name, grade, date, and title. After you've saved the photos, you can share them with your family and friends, as well as order a printed book of your kid's creations. Gold initially tested this option last December, adding a print button to the app without any details or explanation. A couple hundred users ordered printed books during the test period, so the feature stayed. Users can choose from two book sizes, 8x8” and 8.5x11”, and prices start at $25 for 20 pages (images). Later this year, users will also be able to turn their kid's artwork into calendars, mugs, and other gifts.

Originally available on iOS only, Artkive recently launched an Android version, though it doesn't have all the features of its iOS counterpart due to the company's limited resources. Artkive currently has 105,000 users, nearly all of whom are moms.

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