Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Exitround: A Private Marketplace for Founders and Acquirers

While working as a venture capital investor in San Francisco, Jacob Mullins spotted “a crucial disconnect” across the startup landscape. On one side are a myriad startups with incredibly talented teams who are struggling to raise funding and find product-market fit, and on the other side are flourishing startups and established tech companies that desperately need talent. Thus, Mullins and co-founder Greg Dean started Exitround, a private and anonymous marketplace that helps founders connect with acquirers.

Created especially for founders who are looking to explore strategic acquisition opportunities and those who are interested in potentially acquiring companies, Exitround is an independent entity that is not affiliated with any investment group, association, or accelerator. Startup founders list their business and its specific characteristics on the site anonymously, and all buyers are vetted to ensure they're legit. Exitround earns a nominal fee, paid by the buyer, when an M&A transaction or talent-acquisition is completed.

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