Monday, July 1, 2013

WESAWIT: See Events Through the Audience's Eyes

Founded by Morgan Rostagnat, Thibault Mathieu, and Christopher Elwell, WESAWIT is a web and mobile app that lets venues, artists, and promoters display fan-generated photos and videos from a show on their website, Facebook page, or mobile app in real time. WESAWIT aggregates, manages, and curates pics and vids that are captured by the audience and shared on social media, bringing “show life” to an artist or venue's website or mobile app right when it happens. “The idea for the app is to see events through the eyes of the audience,” says Mathieu.

WESAWIT started out with a different purpose, though. Originally a news-oriented app, it aggregated current events such as protests and natural disasters and sought to educate people about what was going on in the world. But since it was difficult to keep up with the news, the co-founders decided to focus on local events in Los Angeles instead, covering sports events and art festivals. Now, WESAWIT aims to engage fans with photos and videos from the crowd at concerts and other events. “Really, in one sentence we want to take fan engagement to the next level through social media,” says Mathieu.

Artists, promoters, and venues can use the WESAWIT widget to display fan-generated visual content on their site or mobile app, or they can go for a fully customizable white-label option. WESAWIT can display fan-generated content on big screens live during shows as well. The WESAWIT dashboard enables users to curate fan pictures and videos, select and highlight the best content, create custom hashtag campaigns, identify and reward their most active fans, and receive weekly analytics reports.

WESAWIT differentiates itself by emphasizing quality over quantity; the team continues to work with new technology to further optimize the content they receive. WESAWIT has already secured partnerships with Troubadour, The Roxy Theater, and Exchange LA.

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