Monday, July 22, 2013

Memorability Encourages a Snap Happy Generation to Transform Photos Into Memories

In our modern world of smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras, there's no shortage of photos, that's for sure. We take more photos in a day now than we did in a week or a month some years ago. However, more photos doesn't mean more memories. With life moving at such a fast pace, it's easy for our photos to get pushed to the bottom of our hard drives, where they'll remain forgotten until we unintentionally stumble upon them again in another few years or so. But one husband and wife team is on a mission to help us revive and keep the human connection that turns our photos into memories.

Tom and Anne Clark from Chapel Hill, North Carolina are the co-founders of Memorability, an app that lets you create beautiful, narrated photo books for your iPad so you can see, hear, and share your memories anytime, anywhere. Like many of us, the couple had countless family photos that ended up being neglected.

“I wanted something that was more like a physical photo album,” says Anne. “When I didn't find anything like that, I decided we needed to do it.” She handled the wireframes and interaction design, while Tom coded the app.

Unlike other offerings in the App Store that provide printing services, Memorability is exclusively designed for tablets and is intended to replace physical photo books. Your albums are saved locally on your iPad, and those that you choose to share with family and friends are kept on the company's servers for 30 days.

With Memorability, it's easy to make photo albums. Just choose a pre-designed album theme and drag and drop your images. You can then customize your album with text and audio captions. Memorability photo books can be shared privately within the app, on Facebook, or via email. To celebrate Memorability's launch, the app is currently free for a limited time.

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