Monday, November 3, 2014

Safe Driving: There's an App for That

Don't text and drive. Everybody knows that. Yet so many drivers, especially younger people, still do it. To discourage drivers from grabbing their phones while they're behind the wheel, XL Team in the Netherlands and KNS in Romania have developed SafeDrive, a mobile app that rewards users for driving safely.

With SafeDrive, you earn points for not using your phone while driving. You can then use your points to buy discounted products and services from SafeDrive partners. Traffic safety is improved, consumers save money, and businesses get customers. Everybody wins.

You can invite your friends to join SafeDrive and engage in a little friendly competition to see who is the most responsible driver. The app, which is currently available on Android and Windows devices, also keeps a log of all your trips and points.

SafeDrive is a winner of the 2014 AT&T Connected Intersections traffic safety tech challenge and was named the number one mobile app at the 2014 Webstock Awards.

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