Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turn Your Child's Best Moments Into a Hardcover Book With BabyBook

Do you have thousands of photos of your baby on your iPhone but can't get around to organizing them? Are you always forgetting to write down the date and event whenever your little one does something exciting? Named one of “10 Apps to Help You Through Baby's First Year” by Mashable, BabyBook by CanDoBaby! lets parents record their child's milestones, organize photos, and print books easily.

When husband and wife team Scott and Elizabeth Valins introduced BabyBook as an idea last year, they received great feedback and encouragement from their users. Unfortunately, in the midst of the launch, the couple lost a pregnancy and Liz was hospitalized for more than three months due to complications. As they worked to get their family back on track, iOS technology evolved and they had to temporarily take BabyBook off the App Store.

In the hospital, the Valinses made a promise to treasure life's important moments. BabyBook helps parents do just that, and now the couple is ready to relaunch the app. Armed with their previous experience and valuable feedback from their users, Liz and Scott have completely redesigned BabyBook. They are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to get the app back into parents' hands as soon as possible.

BabyBook is a fun guide to track and record milestones as your child grows. It is also an easy way to pair these moments with photos. And as the name implies, it enables you to create a professionally printed, hardcover book from your iPhone.

BabyBook is the first app by CanDoBaby! and the company promises there will be more down the line. CanDoBaby! combines good design with smart technology to simplify and enhance the parenting experience. As parents themselves, the CanDoBaby! team understands that parents rely on their phones a lot and is committed to creating mobile apps that make life easier.

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