Thursday, November 6, 2014

SLC Startup Creates a Battery Pack That Charges Up Crazy Fast

Who hasn't wished their devices would hurry up and finish charging already? In this modern, fast-paced world, who has time to wait? Luckily for us impatient, always on-the-go folks, Salt Lake City-based startup Power Practical has come up with a solution.

Meet the Pronto, the world's fastest-charging portable battery pack. Available in two models, the Pronto 5 and the Pronto 12, it can store 3-9 recharges in just an hour. With the Pronto 12, you get enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 5 in only 5 minutes.

Most universal battery packs allow you to charge on-the-go but take several hours to charge. Being stuck to the wall defeats the purpose of portable power. Power Practical is on a mission to fix this problem by developing a battery pack that charges insanely fast – the Pronto charges up to 12 times faster than other batteries on the market.

To achieve this super fast charging design, the Power Practical team had to find battery cells that could safely receive large amounts of power. They chose a very high-quality lithium polymer cell that is more powerful than cells found in other battery packs, then created custom circuit boards that charge up the cells quickly.

Both Pronto models have a virtually indestructible hard-anodized aluminum enclosure and a protective cap with an internal silicone seal to protect the Pronto's USB ports and internal parts from the elements. Two custom LED dials display the battery capacity and how fast the battery pack is charging. A durable nylon strap holds the protective cap in place and doubles as a carrying band. The Pronto 12 is equipped with additional features including 12V output to charge larger devices such as laptops and DSLR cameras and dual USB ports for simultaneous charging of two devices.

Power Practical is a group of tech and outdoor lovers who believe that charging your gadgets should be easy and convenient.

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