Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wedding Photo Sharing App Wedding Snap Becomes Eversnap

With virtually everyone toting a smartphone or digital camera these days, it's now easier than ever to capture an event and see it from several different perspectives. To help couples who are tying the knot easily collect all the photos and videos taken by their guests in one place, Sasha Eslami and Davide Pluda created Wedding Snap.

Available on iPhone and Android, Wedding Snap is a “dead simple” app that ensures every moment of a couple's big day is recorded. After signing up for a package, couples can create as many albums as they want for all their wedding occasions, e.g., bridal shower, bachelor party, and the wedding day itself. They'll also get free customized business cards with instructions for their guests on how to download the Wedding Snap app and where to upload digital camera captures. At the event, guests use the app to take photos and videos, which are automatically organized into albums.

Today, Wedding Snap announced that it is expanding beyond weddings and has changed its name to Eversnap. Under its new branding, the app still serves basically the same purpose, but now it will also cater to other occasions such as reunions, parties, trips, conferences, and more. According to Eslami, Wedding Snap actually did fairly well, but the startup “needed a bigger product.” He says that several couples and guests wanted to continue to use the app after the wedding, but it wasn't really built for that.

With Eversnap, users can privately share photos and videos of family barbecues, baby showers, and the like. Eslami is aware that group photo sharing apps aren't new, but notes that “there isn't really a good product out there that solves everyone's needs.” Eversnap is available on iPhone, Android, and the web and is designed to be simple enough for regular, tech-unsavvy users.

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