Monday, July 7, 2014

Cut and Loop YouTube Videos With Step

So you've been practicing to dance like your favorite K-pop star. You've gotten almost all of the moves down thanks to online videos, but there's just one part that you haven't quite mastered yet. So you keep playing that part again and again. Or maybe you often share funny and interesting videos with your friends and family, but sometimes there are boring parts that you wish you could leave out.

Enter, an online tool that lets you cut YouTube videos into bite-sized chunks so that you can jump between parts easily, as well as loop, share, and favorite the ones that matter to you. With, you can skip those boring first 30 seconds and go straight to the most exciting moment of a video. You can also restructure videos however you like, hiding the parts you don't want your friends to see to make them more concise. And if you watch a lot of online tutorials, is perfect for breaking up video lessons into more manageable steps. is built by Benkyo Player LTD, a small London-based startup dedicated to making tools that improve online learning.

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