Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kaizena: A Better Way to Give Teacher Feedback

Kaizena is an online platform that helps teachers save time and provide better feedback. Taking its name from the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, kaizen, Kaizena aims to enable real-time, continuous improvement in education. As education shifts from paper to digital, Kaizena is building the tools that allow modern-day teachers to better help their students.

To give feedback on specific areas for improvement, a teacher clicks and drags to highlight the relevant area of the student's work. He or she then adds a voice comment, a text comment, and/or a link to any online resource such as an educational video.

Compatible with Google Drive and other cloud-based services, Kaizena lets teachers monitor their students' progress from beginning to end. Giving feedback through Kaizena is faster than using a word processor or a red pen – every feature is designed to save teachers time. Founded by Edward Sun, Maxwell Brodie, and Jason Wang, the platform is currently used by thousands of educators in more than 60 countries.

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