Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wokamon: A Virtual Pet That Gets You Off Your Behind

Shanghai-based tech startup Noodum has recently launched a new iPhone app to get people excited about exercising. Wokamon, which is short for Walking Monsters, combines the functionality of a pedometer with the engagement of a virtual pet. The idea is simple: the more you walk, the more your Wokamon grows. Every step you take helps feed your little friend.

“We came up with Wokamon after using various fitness trackers and apps and being presented the same data in a very boring, technical fashion,” says Mars Zhu, co-founder of Noodum. She adds that the app is “a fun, casual way to monitor your fitness and stay motivated as you progress through the game.”

Staying active is the primary way to advance in the game. Burning calories not only feeds your virtual pet, it also unlocks more fun characters to collect and play with. You can also earn extra rewards when you play with your friends via social networks.

Wokamon is compatible with existing fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Moves, and LedongLi.

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