Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Inside: The Latest News Stories, in 270 Characters

Inside is a news app that curates the best journalism in real time, enabling news junkies to stay abreast of the most important and fascinating events in the world. Inside's team of curators finds and selects the most original content with the best reporting, then writes a 270-character update containing the most crucial bits of information, photos, quotes, and a link to the source. Because Inside is a 24/7 operation, a new update is published every couple of minutes and you won't ever miss a breaking news event. Of course, you can customize your feed to follow only the stories that matter to you.

There are four tabs within the app. My Feed is where you can see all the topics you follow. All Updates displays every real-time update on Inside. The Topics tab lists Inside's library of more than 70,000 topics. You can look for topics of interest using the search bar and add them to your feed. Last but not least, Profile is your user profile page, where you can view the topics you follow and the rest of your app activity.

Inside delivers push notifications on breaking news and the topics you follow. You can customize your alerts by level of importance and frequency, as well as choose to get email digests of the top stories from the day, week, or month. Inside also has a feature that lets you read background information on developing stories. Simply swipe left on any update you're reading to see related, previously published stories. In addition, you can express your opinions by voting stories up or down and writing comments. The updates with the most up-votes will move to the Top feed so you can see which stories the world is talking about.

Inside's mission is to create the world's best news service. It was founded by Jason Calacanis and is based in Culver City, California.

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