Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dr. Gustavo Stringel and the Westchester Medical Center’s Pediatric Surgery Program

Holding a Doctor of Medicine form the University of Mexico Medical School (UNAM), Dr. Gustavo Stringel joined the Westchester Medical Center in 1994 after a productive tenure as the Director of Pediatric Surgery for Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. Widely published in numerous scholarly journals, Dr. Stringel possesses more than 40 years of experience as a clinician, researcher, and educator, a background that he mines on a daily basis in his work as Surgeon in Chief and Director of Pediatric Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Westchester Medical Center’s Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital (MFCH).

Dr. Gustavo Stringel has led a vast array of efforts solidify the hospital’s reputation as a world-class treatment center over the course of his career at the helm of MFCH’s pediatric surgical program. To this end, he formed a 30-member Multidisciplinary Pediatric Surgery Group, an organization he currently oversees as President, actively participated in vital administrative decisions during the construction of MFCH’s new facilities, and developed a host of key upper management performance indicators with a focus on reducing patient turnover times, bolstering error prevention, and increasing operating room efficiency.

Credited with founding the institution’s Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dr. Gustavo Stringel remains deeply involved with everyday surgical activity and ongoing workflow streamlining. Thanks to his singled-minded dedication and innovative managerial approach, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital continues to garner high accolades for the treatment services it provides, taking on an ever-expanding number of complex pediatric surgical cases from across the country. With patient volume rising dramatically in the past eight years, MFCH consistently sets itself apart as one of the region’s best pediatric healthcare centers, earning Consumer Choice Awards in 2008 and 2009 from the National Research Corporation, distinctions that aptly compliment the 2009 Mission Triangle Award bestowed on MFCH by the March of Dimes.

Aside from his duties supervising pediatric surgery at Westchester Medical Center, Dr. Gustavo Stringel maintains tenure at New York Medical College where he acts as a Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics. 

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