Friday, June 15, 2012

Inalink's Personalized Member Relations Building Solutions

Putting person-to-person relationships to work for associations, Inalink focuses on retaining existing members, recovering lapsed members, and building core brand value. Inalink’s communication professionals contact members by telephone, communicating in a friendly manner that fosters engagement and understanding. The bottom-line result is increased conference participation, website traffic spikes, and enhanced awareness of the services and resources the association provides. Engineered for outsized results, Inalink’s member relationship management services typically deliver an ROI of between 100 to 300 percent.

Lapsed memberships are a very real concern for many associations, with information increasingly accessed for free on the Internet and professionals burdened by higher workloads that allow little time for participation. Inalink engages on a personal level in renewing contact with lapsed members. This high-touch, client appropriate approach typically generates reengagement rates of between 30 to 70 percent of contacted members. Value-added reports are generated analyzing reasons for non-renewal, as well as aspects of the association that former members most appreciate.

Inalink has an intimate knowledge of the membership renewal dynamic, emphasizing that retention efforts should never begin with the sending of a renewal notice. Through Keep-in-Touch and Member Welcome programs, Inalink offers a friendly, proactive, and tailored approach to member relations. A particularly vulnerably point is the first few years of any association membership, when college members graduate, job transfers are frequent, and connection with the group tentative. For these younger members, Inalink collaborates with association partners in scheduling touch points in a targeted manner, underlining the value of the organization as an essential professional resource. 

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