Monday, June 11, 2012

Make 360-Degree Animations on Your Smartphone With YouSpin

In 2008, Norwegian entrepreneur Erlend Bakke started 3sixty, a company that offers 360-degree animation services to help businesses communicate their products in a more engaging manner. Last year, Bakke brought the technology to the everyday user by introducing YouSpin, an app that lets anybody create a 360-degree animation using a smartphone, laptop, or regular camera.

“You know when you're online, you always get static images? So what we've done is we've created the world's most simple 360 product photography application,” Bakke said in a recent interview at SXSW.

“When something's interactive and you have to touch it online, that increases the chance of you selling it and you stay longer on the website. It's just all in all a better experience,” he added.

YouSpin already has more than 200,000 users. Some use the app to sell stuff, while others make 360-degree animations just for fun, as can be seen on the YouSpin website's Explore section.

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