Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Discover Designers and Explore Trends With Purely Fashion

Purely Fashion is an iPhone app that lets fashionistas get the latest from their favorite designers. Users can browse current fashion collections, preview upcoming ones, and discover emerging designers. They can also buy looks from participating designers straight from the app.

Purely is more than just a fashion discovery platform, though. For designers and retailers, it is a tool that lets them know their customers better. Through users' likes and lookbooks, Purely is able to identify trends in real time. As a result, retailers do not need to guess which looks will sell and which ones will not. In addition, Purely is committed to paying designers who sell on the platform promptly, as opposed to the industry norm which takes months.

The Purely Fashion team is currently developing a notification feature that will alert users when something in their lookbook goes on sale. The company is also hosting a five-week fashion event in Chicago called Purely PopUp.

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