Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ZowPow Makes Plush Toys That Control Games

Before there were smartphones and tablets, kids played with physical toys and games. ZowPow, a new startup based in San Francisco, is looking to combine the good old days with modern times by creating plush toys that can control gameplay. The two-person company currently has two offerings – Tiny Plane, a controller for Chillingo's mobile game of the same name, and Redford, for Get Set Games' Mega Jump and Mega Run.

ZowPow's controllers contain built-in sensors and accelerometers. When a child moves the toy up and down or side to side, the character on screen does the same thing. ZowPow's plush toy game controllers provide a fun new way to play mobile games – kids will no longer be glued to a smartphone or tablet, but can get out of their seat and move around. The plush toys connect to iOS devices wirelessly and automatically and can also connect to TVs if an HDMI adapter or AirPlay is used.

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