Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Storyful: The World's First Social Newsroom

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Storyful is the world's first social news agency, helping journalists and newsrooms sift through social media to discover breaking news and valuable content. Storyful was founded by Mark Little, a former foreign correspondent and news anchor who realized that social media could make him a better journalist. While watching the Arab Spring unfold on YouTube, Little saw an authenticity rarely shown on TV news, as well as the potential to get closer to the story faster. He believes that social media hasn't killed journalism, but rather given it a new lease of life.

Little founded Storyful, the first truly social newsroom, in 2010 to better equip newsrooms for the social media age. The company has perfected its tools, techniques, and services since then, and aims to help every news organization build their own social newsroom. Storyful has already partnered with some of the world's biggest news brands, including Reuters, ABC News, the New York Times, BBC, France 24, and ITN.

Storyful's newswire dashboard enables media organizations to monitor breaking alerts, trending content, and video from around the world 24/7. Each update is verified by the Storyful team and includes detailed context on the background, location, uploader, and story's provenance. The dashboard also features a searchable archive of 70,000 stories and a daily curated list of trending stories. Meanwhile, Storyful's contacts database provides journalists with phone numbers, addresses, and social media details so they can contact on-the-ground sources for further information.

Led by Little, who serves as chief executive officer, Storyful comprises a team of technologists and journalists scattered across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Members include writers, broadcasters, producers, reporters, designers, and coders, some of whom are veterans of CNN, BBC, Reuters, and the International Herald Tribune, among others. Storyful is committed to helping news professionals everywhere separate the truth from the noise on the social web.

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