Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Save Your Children's Artwork With Keepy

Keepy is an interactive keepsake box that lets you preserve your kids' artwork forever and share them with loved ones. Founded by Offir Gutelzon and Yaniv Solnik, the Android and iOS compatible app allows you to keep offline creations such as drawings, sculptures, beaded jewelry, birthday cards, and letters online. Simply snap a photo of your child's artwork, and crop and enhance the image using Keepy's easy-to-use tools. Add the child's name, location, and date, and the app will organize your “keepies” for you. You can also include a voice recording to describe the photo.

To share keepies with grandparents, friends, and other loved ones, invite them to be your kid's fans. Fans can leave video comments on keepies, which will be preserved alongside each photo. Individual keepies may also be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Keepy is free for 31 keepies each month. If you upload more than that, subscription plans start at $1.99 per month.

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