Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Metail Is the Future of Online Clothes Shopping

Called a “fashion revolution” by Look magazine, Metail is a UK startup that takes the guesswork out of online shopping. As convenient as it is to shop for clothes from the comfort of your own home, it can also be an off-putting and frustrating process. Since you can't touch the garments and try them on, it's easy to end up buying the wrong size or receiving something that looks different in real life. Metail is an online fitting room that enables anyone to shop with confidence – it lets you create a virtual model of yourself, so you can see how clothes look on your body even if you don't physically try them on first.

To get started on Metail, simply upload a couple of photos of yourself and input some of your measurements. Using actual 3D body scans from its database, the service will build an accurate representation of your body. With your virtual model or MeModel, you can discover how clothes fit, right down to the way the fabric drapes on your body shape. Moreover, Metail's size advice algorithm will recommend a size for each garment, helping you pick clothes that will fit well and look great on you. What's even more fun is that you can also use Metail to put outfits together and experiment with new styles.

Metail is the brainchild of CEO Tom Adeyoola, who wanted to help his girlfriend (now wife) find clothes that would fit her shape. He had an idea to find a way to obtain body measurements digitally quickly and easily and provide consumers with a personalized shopping experience. In 2008, breakthroughs in computer vision technology at Cambridge encouraged Adeyoola to create a solution with co-founder Dr. Duncan Robertson. After three years in stealth, Metail launched with its first commercial partner, Tesco, in early 2012. The startup has been featured in TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, and Mail Online.

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