Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's On Me: App Lets You Send Drinks Across Cities

Did your best friend, who lives in another city, just land a new job? Is your favorite aunt, who resides halfway across the country, about to have her birthday? With It's On Me, you can still send drinks to congratulate them even if you're not physically there. Previously known as Drinkboard, It's On Me is an iPhone and Android app that lets you gift a drink or a bite anytime, anywhere. The app is more than just a high-tech, long-distance way to celebrate special occasions, though. It's On Me's mission is to support local businesses by allowing people to discover and purchase from a curated group of merchants. But ultimately, everybody wins – users get an easy way to thank or congratulate someone, recipients get a cool gift, and local establishments get new business.

Headquartered in Las Vegas with satellite offices in San Francisco and New York City, It's On Me comprises a diverse group of entrepreneurs with a passion for food, cocktails, events, and travel.

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